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  • Maritime compartments (Italy)

    The maritime compartment is an administrative subdivision of the maritime space of the Italian coastline and represents the area of competence of the harbour master's offices...
  • Agreed-upon borders (Italy)

    International borders (inside the 6miles limit of f territorial waters) agreed between parties (Italy-Jugoslavia for Slovenian border on Trieste gulf and and Itlay-France for...
  • Ecological protection zone (Italy)

    Boundaries of ecological protection zone.
  • Territorial waters (Italy)

    Italian territorial waters boundary
  • MSFD Adriatic Sea sub-divisions (Italy)

    The three polygons corresponding to the sub-divisions of the Adriatic Sea (North, Central and South Adriatic) for the MSFD.
  • MSFD sub-regions (Italy)

    The three polygons corresponding to the three sub-regions of the MSFD for Italy. Their union constitutes the polygon of the marine region Italy
  • MSFD Marine region (Italy)

    Polygon bringing together the three sub-regions of the MSFD for Italy (Adriatic Sea, Western Mediterranean Sea and Ionian and Central Mediterranean Sea)
  • Internal waters (Italy)

    Delimitation of Italian internal waters
  • Continental shelf (Italy)

    Delimitation of the Ecological Protection Zone of the North-Western Mediterranean Sea, the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, pursuant to Article 1 of Law no. 61 of 8 February...
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